Consulting & Design

Services for Audio product companies delivered by an experienced and highly qualified team based on in-house audio algorithms and third-party solutions

Audio Front Ends

Clean microphone signals even in the most noisy environments. Beamforming, denoising and signal spectral enhancement for speech recognition and voice control systems

Audio DSP in the Cloud

SEGOTIA does DSP in the Cloud, customised to provide Customers with bespoke deployments of complex systems, distributed across Headphone/Earbud, Mobile App & Cloud

Spatial Audio

SEGOTIA delivers convincing spatial audio experiences via dynamic HRTFs & Head Tracking solutions to drive realistic and immersive headphone experiences, for PCs and SoCs


SEGOTIA accelerates Customer Product Development with solutions that span Hardware, Software, Cloud and Machine Learning:


Digital Signal Processing algorithm development and implementation for a range of targets, including Personal Computers and System-on-Chip devices


Segotia Cloud enables algorithms to be used "as a service" via simple browser-based drag & drop UI/UX and custom APIs: ideal for rapid prototyping


DSP software porting and implementations, optimised for leading SoC platforms, with direct and transparent relationships with system integrators


Companion Mobile/Tablet App to drive resource-critical functions on the Consumer Device via Segotia Cloud services, personalised by the User


SEGOTIA Solutions target the following key Application areas:


SEGOTIA powers Headphone and Earbud products by integrating DSP IP & Companion App development for wireless Headphone SoC and wired PC platforms


SEGOTIA makes products personal, space-aware and smart with P13n - driven Voice Activation, Service Delivery and Spatial Audio Capture/Render


SEGOTIA integrates machine learning-based audio front end DSP, personalised profiles and spatial audio to create advanced augmented hearing products


SEGOTIA audio technologies find application in highly noisy environments, where hearing protection and accurate inter-person communications are critical


Culann mac Cabe
Culann mac Cabe

After completing a PhD in psychoacoustics in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Culann worked in Windmill Lane Recording Studios, with some of the biggest bands in the world, designing creative/productivity tools for day-to-day activities.

He then built and ran a number of hybrid Studio/R&D businesses, combining real-world, real time learning from commercial recording activities with technology development and consultancy to develop useful tools for ever-changing customer needs.

Culann has worked with audio/music throughout his career and Segotia is a return to roots: that 3D spatial psychoacoustics PhD from years ago now gets used in ways that he never imagined... and the best is yet to come!

Brendan Clavin

Brendan has spent his career in Silicon Valley, starting with Apple subsidiary Claris, to deliver the first Japanese version of Clarisworks. He went on to build Ariba's Globalization Development team, serving European and Asian customers.

He was Google's first Internationalization Engineering team hire, responsible for internationalisation of Google products worldwide. He went on to found his own company, Tethras, and has held senior engineering positions at Adobe, GoDaddy and Monsanto.

Brendan is passionate about delivering software solutions to a global audience. When he's not tackling the challenges Segotia throws his way, you can find him relaxing on the golf course, or maybe powering up a steep incline on his mountain bike.

Ian Davis

Originally from a Mechanical Engineering background, Ian completed a PhD in acoustics from Trinity College Dublin and has never looked back.

He has worked in audio and acoustics projects for over a decade with a particular emphasis on spatial audio, localisation and passive acoustic absorption technologies.

Ian enjoys the challenges of real-time audio coding and delivering high-quality experiences to customers. Outside of work, Ian enjoys road biking at the weekends and fumbling about on guitar when he can.